Girl From Nowhere – A Series Review

Girl From Nowhere: How Netflix’s Jane Doe is a modern Pandora’s box of high school secrets.

Girl From Nowhere is a 2018 Thai-language TV series starring Chicha Amatayakul. The plot revolves around Nanno, a girl who transfers to different schools and has the ability and will to expose everyone’s different stories of hypocrisy.

Date of release: August 8, 2018

You’re someone new to a school, you were given a fresh start, a hope for a new identity, maybe a pleasant life. But you were given a box of special gifts or everyone’s secrets and have the ability to expose them in exchange for your pleasant life, what would you do?

For Pandora, her curiosity got her to open the box and chaos came out. But for Netflix’s lead, she seems to be chaos itself, using her abilities to expose hypocrisy, high school after high school.

Girl From nowhere was a least-talked-about TV series from Thailand aired on Netflix around two years ago, and lately has been the talk of the town. It is one of Netflix’s international thriller series and a recent South East Asian life lesson drama that dwells on the lives of various high school kids. Giving exaggeratedly fitting representations of modern high school issues that kids face these days. The story follows a Jane Doe with charms and wits.

The girl from nowhere’s perplexing character offers a magnificent facade, easing her way in to each high school she enrolls in. Her sojourn in each school results to havoc and violence, getting herself caught in the middle. Our infamous Jane Doe introduces herself as Nanno.

Each episode appeases a self-contained story that transpires on different high schools, tackling teenage problems in their own enthralling stories. The cunning Nanno uses whatever means necessary to punish the utterly corrupt, while she psychologically tempts others in order to test their moral. Nanno endeavors to bring out the worst in them, reaping what they sow in the chaos that ensues. And somehow finds satisfaction in their humiliation and misery.

The anthology series is more than just about bullying or gossip. Nanno interjects herself into the lives of students with school and life issues: ranging from fornication, pedophilia, teenage pregnancy, and abortion; summing up episode one.

The series went down darker paths with more issues at hand. Bigger and sensitive issues. Rape, murder, suicide, and mental disorders only to be overshadowed by characterizations and plot use; hence mishandling the issue and the good that may come from each episode’s ideas.

Educational reform was also a stated issue in the series, addressing inappropriate school systems and teaching. This strengthens the idea of plotting the stories in different schools with different broken systems, though the topic was easily withdrawn.

Social accountability in its own somberness and creepiness. Portraying the modern fandom as a resolute cult that is willing to go beyond boundaries in defending the integrity of its idols, online and offline, reeking with toxicity, along with the world’s “stan” culture abuse.

The open-ended stories of some episodes amidst the independent ones were added strength and flavor to the series. As we get hooked by the plots and portrayals eager for answers, a sudden loose end will keep us stirring.

With Nanno opening this box of modern high school issues, letting out the evil of human behavior, little is still known about her. The stillness and colors appeals to the eerie personality of Nanno, the glint of dark, malevolent eyes staring right back at you ready to expose you.

This ambiguous character was impressively portrayed by Chicha Amatayakul with Nanno’s emotional extremes. Smoothly transitioning from the innocent facade to sinister self. The music was appropriately disturbing, effectively enhancing the nature of the stories.

Girl from nowhere is a horror /thriller to an extent. An idea to give off chills while delivering a clear message. The mildness paved way to a wider scope of audience. Not scary enough for the faint of heart and not boring enough for the bold, something for everyone. A good watch

We may not get answers to unwavering questions as to what Nanno is or how she came to be in the world. But as each twisting tales of the episodes adds complexity to Nanno’s character, Nanno may remain a myth of a kind to us akin to Pandora and her box of special gifts.

“Karma is the consequence of an action.” – Girl From Nowhere (2018)

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